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interdisciplinary artist, new Black renaissance archivist.

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Black + Brown Cowfolk


Devynn Barnes is an interdisciplinary artist, new Black renaissance archivist and visual emoter.

Based in Oakland, Devynn draws deep passion and inspiration from her people and the rich tapestry of nostalgic moments. With reverence for timeless authenticity, she embarks on a journey of visually memorializing the ethereal nature of folx of color, celebrating their magnificent simplicity of being.

As a queer Black artist, they navigate the delicate balance between documenting and challenging societal norms, and shedding light on the intricacies of marginalized experiences. Through their art, they seek to uncover untold stories, illuminating the unspoken truths that reside within the archives of the past.

By melding documentation with artistic expression, they invite viewers to  confront their own narratives, encouraging a collective awakening and communal (melanated) homecoming.


Oakland Black Cowboy Parade – 2023

   * Currently all digital, waiting for film to process

Juneteenth in Oakland – 2023

   *Digital + film photos

Oakland Black Cowboy Parade – 2023

   *All film photos